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Reader event: The Penny Readings

Written by jen, 26th November 2007

On the evening of Sunday 9th December, at St George's Hall in Liverpool, The Reader is hosting its fourth annual Penny Readings event.

This year, the event features renowned UK poet Jenny Joseph; The Archers star Annabelle Dowler; and BBC Radio 4 and CBeebies presenter, David McFetridge; the 500-strong audience will hear readings from such famous classics as Bleak House, A Christmas Carol and A Winter's Tale.  Other highlights of the evening include performances by the Liverpool African Youth Dance group, three community choirs, a Dickensian trumpet player and a string quartet.

The Reader exists to promote the good in literature, believing that reading can be fun, life-enhancing and creative for everyone, and this is why we host The Penny Readings. As in Dickens' day - when he would travel around the potteries and Liverpool, reading to thousands of people for only one penny - we too only charge one penny for this event, so that it is inclusive and available to all. We want everyone to benefit from the positive impact that literature can bring to people's lives and this is one thoroughly enjoyable way that we are able to do it.

You can read the full press release on the University of Liverpool's website. Tickets are now sold out for this year's event but you are can place your name on a list at Liverpool Central Library to ensure you are amongst the first to know when tickets go on sale for 2008.

Next year we are thinking of putting one hundred of the tickets on ebay in order to add excitement to the scramble for tickets and raise money to support the event. A penny for your thoughts, please.

Posted by Jen Tomkins

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