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Reading between the Lines with Merseytravel

Written by The Reader, 12th June 2012

For those of us who get on board a bus or train on a regular basis, you'll know that the journey can get a bit tiresome at times once you've gazed out of the window at the same sights. The daily commute offers the ideal chance to escape, if not the monotony of physical surroundings then most definitely into the unchartered territory of the imagination. Plus, in this mile-a-minute world, time spent on public transport may be the only chance some of us get to grab a bit of 'me' time, as well as a book.

We're excited to hear that Merseytravel are making the most of the commute with their Reading between the Lines campaign, which is encouraging people to use travel time to read and relax. It's estimated that the average public transport user spends four hours a week travelling, which is a great chunk of time to make your way through a novel. The campaign is also highlighting the advantages of public transport over driving as it affords so much vital time to unwind with a book - surely a much better way to start the day than getting road rage.

Further details about the campaign will be appearing around the Merseytravel network in the coming weeks. Readers can also join Merseytravel's virtual book club on Twitter with the chance to win a Kindle each month.

For more information on Reading between the Lines see the Merseytravel website and the Merseytravel Book Club Twitter.

1 thoughts on “Reading between the Lines with Merseytravel

louise says:

I find this amazing how could anyone travel anywhere without a book ,or anything with writing on to me it would be a complete and utter nightmare ,I often leave my flat without my keys who cares ! I will go and wake soneone up ,who has a spare , I often leave withou my insulin who cares I will survive just cant eat anything not that bothered ! but to leave my flat withou nothing to read total calamity although if the truth be told happend the other week and had to tell myself to calm down although i am sure passers by thought I was auditioning for Riverdance the way I was dancing about
To travel with a book a 2 hour journey seems like 10 minutes but to travel without a booka 10 minute journey seems like a lifetime specially wih my dancing

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