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Recycling Johnson…

Written by Charlotte Murray, 6th June 2011

...And they’re off! Today marks the beginning of Phil and Sheena Davies’s mammoth cycle around the Highlands and Islands of Scotland to raise money for Get Into Reading. Sponsorship money has been pouring in, but there’s still time to show your support by visiting Phil and Sheena’s charity giving page, and donating whatever you can.

Dr Johnson’s account of the first day of his tour describes the excitement felt at the prospect of finally visiting the Western Islands of Scotland and his joy at finding the perfect travelling companion in Mr James Boswell. Describing Boswell as a man “whose acuteness would help my inquiry, and whose gaiety of conversation and civility of manners are sufficient to counteract the inconveniences of travel,” the pair were well-matched to face the travails of the journey ahead. I’m sure that Phil and Sheena will find similarly delightful travelling companions in each other.

Good luck to Phil and Sheena, and let’s hope that the Scottish weather is a little better than we’ll be enjoying over the next few days!

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