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Recycling Johnson – Back on the Mainland

Written by Charlotte Murray, 13th June 2011

Whilst I enjoyed a lazy weekend of sleep and sunshine (followed by an awful lot of rain), Phil and Sheena Davies managed to cycle 68 miles further around Skye, and make it back over to mainland Scotland to continue their tour this week. Makes me think that I really should start doing more with my weekends. Anyway, back to Phil and Sheena, who will today be travelling from Lochcarron to Torridon via Applecross. Lochcarron is a beautiful village located on a sea loch, and boasts some stunning views. To be fair, I’m yet to find an ugly place that Phil and Sheena have visited on their travels, and I’ll be mightily disappointed when they return, as I will no longer have an excuse to research breath-taking Scottish landscapes during work hours.

So far, Phil and Sheena have raised a total of £632 but there’s still time for you to donate. Just visit their charity giving page and give whatever you can towards Get Into Reading.

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