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Romeo and Juliet at the Fire Station on film

Written by The Reader, 20th October 2010

Did you miss Romeo and Juliet at the Fire Station? Want to relive some of the memories? No idea what I'm talking about?!

Not to worry on any count, here's a short film, made by Kev Higgins (Merseyside Community Theatre's Media Assistant), which captures the essence of this huge community project in the Alt Valley area of Liverpool and some of the magic created by the shows (one of the highlights being the brilliant 'Thriller' routine at the end of this film):

Here's a few comments from people that saw, or were involved in, the show:

One of my friends has seen ‘Romeo and Juliet’ on five other occasions and she mentioned that this was the best version she had ever seen.

Thanks to The Reader Organisation also for having the guts to bring this to my community – not many would have given us the chance to shine – now, for the first time in a long time, good things are being reported about the area and everyone is buzzing. A great positivity seems to be in the air.

I had low confidence before this project and was very shy meeting people, but now I’ve made some great friends, become more sociable, and have more confidence within myself. My eyes have been opened to the possibilities in life and I feel I can deal with anything.

I wasn’t too sure what to make of it at first, nothing like this had happened in Croxteth before, but when I saw how many people came to watch and just how good it was.  I thought it was fantastic, for all the people involved and for the image of the area.  Well done, more please.

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