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Romeo and Juliet Set the Fire Station Alight

Written by The Reader, 31st August 2010

This report is from Kev Higgins, Merseyside Community Theatre's Media Assistant

Four performances, three long days of technical and dress rehearsals, three weeks of hard rehearsals, two weeks of auditions, five months of outreach and advertising, and many difficult decisions later, we had Romeo and Juliet at the Fire Station. The Merseyside Community Theatre production ran from Thursday 26th to Saturday 28th August 2010 and was enjoyed by hundreds of people at each show.

This, from Catherine Jones at the Liverpool Echo, goes some way to explain the wonders of the theatrical set at the Croxteth Fire Station:

Set designer Olivia du Monceau makes inventive use of the site, turning outbuildings into the Capulet Cavern and cafe, a curtain-sided lorry into Friar Laurence’s (Caoim Eaves) cell, and a hanger into a party venue where the young cast put on an entertaining rendition of Michael Jackson’s 'Thriller' routine as Romeo meets Juliet over the fruit punch.

(c) Deana Kay

Through the dedication of the production crew and the time the cast has given up in order to take part, we have created something we can be very proud of. There are so many great memories I will take away from this project, and many many more to come flooding back once we start releasing photographs and video.

Talking of photographs and video... we have a lot! There are hundreds of photographs we will be releasing over the coming days and weeks on our media pages, and to follow, the complete play on DVD from The Reader Organisation.

Thank you to all involved in making this project happen, and to our cast and crew as without their performances and knowledge, none of this would have taken place.

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