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Sep10ber: Desert Island Books

Written by The Reader, 18th September 2012

As quick as a flash, half of Sep10ber is behind us already, but we've got lots more shared reading fun to pack into the remaining days which are sure to keep the party going.

We had an absolutely brilliant response to last week's Sep10ber question, when we asked you to tell us your favourite book when you were 10. A spellbinding selection ensued, with many memorable choices that brought back lots of wonderful memories of childhood reading, but amongst the titles mentioned there were some clear favourites including: Anne of Green Gables, The Famous Five, a selection of Roald Dahl titles (Danny the Champion of the World, Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), The Borrowers and Ballet Shoes. All excellent choices to start the ideal library for any 10 year old.

Robinson Crusoe - the ultimate Desert Island book?

This week's teaser may set you adrift, but is guaranteed to get you thinking about what reading you really find essential. The question is:

Which book would you take with you if you were stranded on a desert island?

The Reader Organisation staff have come up with 10 of their best selections:

And a couple of choices from our supporters and associates:

What would yours be? Tell us throughout the week by commenting below, logging onto Twitter or Facebook.

The literary fun doesn't stop there - once you've made your mind up, you can also vote in our big Sep10ber poll to find the ultimate Get Into Reading book and poem of the last 10 years, and who would be your perfect person to read them aloud.

Another great response from our readers on social media, offering up their Desert Island Books. Just make sure they don't get dropped overboard - we wouldn't want any soggy pages.

James Joyce - Ulysses. I like the contrast of reading a long complicated book that is about a single day, whilst being trapped on a simple deserted island for a long time.

A Little, Aloud - perfect Desert Island book: poems, short stories, extracts from novels, all with our response to our shared humanity as the focus.

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