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Snatches of Life

Written by stickyeyes, 2nd September 2011

Snatches of life on the last day of August from a bench on the prom while enjoying an ice cream at lunch time. One scoop’s worth.

“so you’ll go to the wedding in her car …”

“I tried to get something that hadn’t been tested on animals …”

“and he said if I take 500, would that be alright…"

“I fancy doing that…”

“just a couple of night’s bed and breakfast, that’s all …”


“her name’s Dionne and she’s got an adopted son at work…”

“it could get quite wet and you’ve got your best shoes on …”

“you don’t know, there could be any sort of crocodile in there …”

“he didn’t have his pyjamas on and so …”

“the driving wasn’t the problem …”

“if she chooses to be that way, then that’s up to her…”

“where are we going to wash our hands?” “I know, I was just thinking that”.

6 thoughts on “Snatches of Life

jennerous says:

curious….recently I have started writing down snatches of overheard conversations as some of them really are priceless – better than a lot of fiction often. I can enter a whole world of imagination wondering about the context and life of the protagonaist/s. I assure you I make no effort to overhear these conversations but many people do seem to have no concern that an entire bus or cafe can hear most every word of sometimes very intimate conversations. Previously they were cause for irritation and agitation….now they are material for my notebook! A much better outcome for me!

Colin says:

hmmmm. This reminds me of the strange young man Nino Quincampoix in the French film Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain. Nino collects strangers’ discarded passport photos from photo booths in a much treasured album. Worth a watch if you haven’t seen the film.

Sue Garner-Jones says:

These would make great stories!

Sue Garner-Jones says:

What on earth is wrong with THIS comment? Please have the courtesy to tell me – I AM a human being, after all!

Louise Jones says:

I loved this post Angie as one of my favourite things to do is to people watch or listen , although my mum says I am SO EMBARASSING as tend to forget I dont know these people , and after afew lines of conversation , I decide to join in ! with my words of wisdom (or not)
Actually what you could do is put all the lines of conversation together and try and come up with a story or perhaps a poem !! . I look forward to seeing you so can give me the finshed result!

Sue Garner-Jones says:

angie100: I can’t get any comments up (sighs, raises eyes to heaven, shrugs shoulders) so I hope you get this message – these snatches of conversation are brilliant, made me laugh out loud, Alan Bennet would be proud of you!

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