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Soda Bread in the far reaches of England

Written by Niall Gibney, 15th November 2010

As the title suggests we went to the far reaches of England -  Surrey this time - were is Surrey?! Not far from London and nowhere near Ireland. We did not just appear for soda bread. However,we did preside over a showcase while we were there, and survived a possible fatal cement mixer crash (have you watched the news?). It ran smoothly the crowd were impressed, we made some good links, had a good craic (as they say) with the  lovely library ladies then took 3 trains on the travel back up north clutching the soda bread for my dear life. My grandfather was made up with it just in case you are in wonderment. I enjoyed it too! Not as much as I will enjoy seeing you at the next showcase in Birmingham, or maybe London, depending on your current geographical location. 🙂

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