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Sonja Sohn at the Fire Station

Written by The Reader, 22nd June 2010

You'll know about the event with Sonja Sohn at Liverpool Philharmonic tonight but did you know that yesterday she was up at Croxteth Fire Station reading Shakespeare with auditionees for Merseyside Community Theatre? It was a fantastic afternoon and a very busy one at that - lots of TRO staff, journalists, and fire fighters running around - the photos will tell you a bit more:

Niall being filmed for Channel Four

Fire fighters in training

Sonja reads with Steven

Sonja takes a liking to Emma's hat

Steve, Sonja and Jane read for the MCT auditionees

Leila picks up a lift home

Plenty more photos here.

The event was featured on Channel Four news last night, click here to view.

1 thoughts on “Sonja Sohn at the Fire Station

[…] back 11 and a half months and you might remember that Sonja Sohn (The Wire‘s Kima Greggs), paid us a visit to read the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet, as part of our Merseyside Community Theatre project. Sonja Sohn with her Romeo (Steve […]

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