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Spot The Reader!

Written by The Reader, 21st September 2010

About eighteen months ago, I received a call from a production assistant of a film asking if I could send a selection of back issues of The Reader magazine to Pinewood Studios. "They're going to be in the main character's - a writer - room, on the bookshelves, are you happy to allow us do that?" Happy? To see The Reader on a large screen? You bet. (Most people pay for this sort of product placement, don't they?)

I made note of the film, Tamara Drewe, in my diary for the scheduled release date (September 2010) and somewhat forgot about it. Now, here we are at that time, the film's a huge success and I haven't yet been to see and try to spot The Reader (but it is my mission at the weekend). Have you?! Please let me know if you see those copies on the bookshelf.

It may look like this...

In case you miss it on the big screen, you can a copy of The Reader to see it for yourself: visit the magazine pages on our website.

1 thought on “Spot The Reader!

louise says:

Ha went to to see the film last week with my mum , we were the only 2 in their !. My mum was not to impressed as said” I know you don’t like crowds but this is bearing on the ridiculous!”
The film was quite funny , but if don’t know hardy may be a bit lost on you ( I don’t mean personally) A few to many F words and don’t mean F for funny!
I am very sorry but did not spot the reader mag as was not aware supposed to be playing I -spy and having to much fun stretching and waving my arms about as no annoying people in there, only my mum who I can put up with! (kind of )

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