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The End of the Road for Recycling Johnson

Written by Charlotte Murray, 17th June 2011

Today is the final day of Phil and Sheena Davies’s herculean efforts to raise money for Get Into Reading by following the trail of Dr. Samuel Johnson's Scottish exploits, cycling 504 miles in the process. After almost two weeks of non-stop exertion, the couple will complete their journey back where it all began – in Faolin on the Isle of Skye. After an exhausting journey, and the experience of last night’s camping, they will be glad no doubt of a warm bed and a hearty welcome at the Faolin Lodge.  It’s certainly well-deserved. Thanks so much to Phil and Sheena who have gone above and beyond to support Get Into Reading. Hopefully, in a few weeks time, we’ll be able to regale you with tales of their adventures, and maybe even see a holiday snap or two!

So far, Phil and Sheena have raised £632 for Get Into Reading – an enormous amount. But there’s still time for you to sponsor them by visiting their charity giving page and donating whatever you can. The more money we raise, the more books we can buy to use in our reading groups, the more people we can read with, and the more tea and biscuits for our Get Into Reading group members to enjoy!

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