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The Evening Read-In: Change is in the air…

Written by The Reader, 20th March 2012

For anyone who wasn't already aware, today is the first official day of Spring - change is most definitely in the air. Have you woken up feeling different this morning? Hopefully the new season will have put a spring in your step and not made you sluggish and, well, buggish like poor Gregor Samsa, the main man - or rather, giant insect - at the centre of The Metamorphosis, the story we're currently making our way through on Thursday evenings as part of The Evening Read-In.

So far, we have witnessed Gregor's rapid metamorphosis from human to humongous bug, sharing his confusion and his family's horror as they all attempt to come to terms with the quite literally life-altering changes. Having emerged briefly and causing considerable chaos, we left Gregor once more shut up in his room, shoved in by his father. What will happen to him next? You’ll just have to join us at 9pm this Thursday (22nd March) for Part 3. If you haven’t managed to make it along for Parts 1 and 2, then you can catch up at any time right here and here.

1 thoughts on “The Evening Read-In: Change is in the air…

loubyjo says:

Really like this ! although always arrive late listening to it ! maybe just like spring, very deceptive as see the blue sky and think it will be t-shirt weather ,but soon realise should,!!have something warmer on !!
This is a bit like this story everything seeems to be deceptive and not sure at times what the hel lis going on but strangely perserve with it just like the british weather we live in hope of a sunny day just like I want this to end up happily ever after !!I
I would have liked to come across this in a reading group as could have lots of interesting discussions about what is happening and what think will happen in the end to Gregor .
The arrival of spring causes lots of discussions when does it begin I heard the weather people say it begins on the 1st of march !! ( I dont think this and the weather forecast on the BBC
always makes me feel sick the way they swing about like the spring weather

TODAY IS the Spring Eqiniox which means = day and night hrs but would not that depend on what time you went to bed the night before and what time you wake up and also the sun may be dozing behind a cloud so many questions and so few answers just like the story !!
The seasons are very confused the story of GREGOR could be considered a bit odd and some people ACTUALLY TELL ME that I am extremely confusing umm should read the play Waiting for Godot believe me you would understand the word Confused !

“In the Spring I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hrs ” Mark Twain

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