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The Evening Read-In: Reading In is the new going out

Written by The Reader, 29th November 2011

The first part of our first Evening Read-In, reading the ever-enduring Dickens classic A Christmas Carol, took place last Thursday - and lots of fun was had by all (our readers are most definitely full of cheer - in the clearest possible contrast with Ebenezer)! We all had a great time reading in, talking and tweeting along with the story - with quite a few very interesting and illuminating points being raised. Amongst which were...

  • Wondering what profession we'd find a modern-day Scrooge in - newspaper editing (topical...)?  Investment banking? Management consultancy? (no offence intended if you're in any of these businesses yourself)
  • Pondering the really-quite-apt if brief reference Dickens makes to Hamlet in the story - another melancholic kindred spirit for Ebenezer?
  • Thinking about the respective chains we 'forge in life' and being accountable for our actions; agreeing that Scrooge is especially  lucky to get a chance of redemption, unlike poor damned Marley
  • Revealing who in our own lives Scrooge reminds us of (he is a bit reminiscent of a grumpy grandad) - as well as marvelling at his quite remarkable hidden comedic talents (Ebenezer Scrooge: a stand-up in the making?)...

We also received a lot of compliments about Lynn's lovely accent - we can't help thinking that the story would have gone quite differently (and perhaps wouldn't have to have been told at all) if Scrooge was a Geordie...

The next part of A Christmas Carol - and of course, the next Read-In - will be  this Thursday evening (1st December) at 9pm; same time, same place for everyone to listen in to what happens next (if you joined us last week, no doubt you're already poised on the edge of your seat to find out - and if you weren't there then you've got enough time  between now and then to catch up). Join us at The Reader Online for the audio and read-along text and on Twitter to tell us what you think - just be sure to attach #eveningreadin to your tweets so we can see what you're saying.

Reading in is definitely the new going out (especially given that very noticeable chill outside, as well as the many downpours) - so we'll see you there!

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