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Written by jen, 12th November 2009

The Reader 36 'Emotional Surges'


“Emotions make up the richness of human experience and they need to be understood, not lobotomised” Angela Patmore in The Reader 36

* New poetry by John Kinsella and Michael Parker

* New fiction by Vanessa Hemingway, a writer with a very famous grandfather, and a great voice of her own

* Seamus Heaney’s prose poem about Thomas Hardy

* Peter Robinson writes on his poem, ‘Otterspool Prom’, the latest in the series Poet on His Work

* Essays by Angela Patmore on why stress is good for you, and Hans van der Heijden, the architect behind the fabulous redesign of Liverpool’s Bluecoat, on Wittgenstein

* Eric Lomax (The Railway Man) talks to Angela Macmillan

* Blake Morrison, Philip Davis and Josie Billington discuss the importance of reading in groups, the latest contribution to The Reading Revolution series

And much more inside!

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You can now view online or download for free the previous issue of The Reader ‘Starting the Reading Revolution’. It’s nearly Christmas, you need a treat.

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