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The Reader Magazine: Special Offers

Written by jen, 1st November 2007

Here at The Reader organisation, we don't really like to do things in a conventional manner. So instead of having a sale after Christmas, we're having one before. From now until Christmas Eve, back issues of The Reader up to and including issue 26, will be available for just £2 each. So delve into our ten-year past and unearth some hidden treasures; when all you're paying for is postage, there's nothing to stop you really. What we are wondering though, is would you buy a back issue of The Reader from these men?

There is a Christmas gift subscription to The Reader - issue 28 (Winter) free, followed by the four issues due out in 2008 - up for grabs for the person that comes up with the best guess as to what Phil and Phill are saying. Make your non-libellous suggestions in the comments.

Posted by Jen Tomkins

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