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Three Peaks Challenge: Why are Team TRO taking on the task?

Written by The Reader, 29th June 2012

Hopefully Team TRO will be looking this bright and sunny on Saturday morning...

The big day is nearly upon us - The Reader Organisation's Three Peaks Challenge gets underway tomorrow, and our fifteen intrepid members of Team TRO are ready and raring to go.

Scaling the three highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales - as well as travelling between them - is no mean feat: just take a look at the estimated time schedule that Team TRO will be facing:

  • 30th June, 7am - Leave Liverpool in a minibus to head to Ben Nevis (drive takes approximately 7-9 hours)
  • 5pm-10pm - Climb Ben Nevis
  • 30th June-1st July, early hours - Travel from Scotland to the Lake District
  • 1st July, 4am-9/10am - Climb Scafell Pike
  • Mid morning-early afternoon - Travel from the Lake District to Wales
  • 1pm-5pm - Reach the summit of Snowdon - and victory!

We can all agree that just thinking about that is exhausting stuff. So, why would anyone be silly enough to put themselves through such a demanding task? For many good reasons, the top of which is to help support The Reader Organisation's Apprenticeship for Life Scheme. Below, some of our Three Peakers outline the other reasons why they're taking part in the Three Peaks Challenge:

Lynn Elsdon, Wirral Young People Project Worker: The reason I am doing  the Three Peaks Challenge is...To give a person leaving care a job that inspires, fulfils and supports them! And to look at the country from the top of its biggest mountains (if I can still see).

Sam Shipman, Reader-in-Residence, 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Trust: I’m doing the Three Peaks Challenge because it is on my list of things to do before I’m 30; I didn’t want to do it alone so I thought I would rope 14 of my unsuspecting colleagues into doing it with me in an effort to raise money for our apprenticeship scheme. Fundraising for the apprenticeship scheme is one the best things I’ve been involved in because it feels so real; when we have reached the £14,000 target we will actually be able to employ a care leaver, giving a real person a fantastic opportunity. That is what I’m going to think about when it’s 5am, raining, dark, and I’m dragging myself up Scafell Pike!

Sophie Povey, Assistant Development Manager: I am doing the Three Peaks Challenge for several reasons. Firstly, I feel very passionate about raising money for the Apprenticeship Programme. Having been lucky enough to work closely with Mr Niall Gibney over the past 12 months and to see the huge impact that he has made on the organisation, from financial to botanical, I truly believe that this project helps the charity and its apprentices to grow. Also, having had the pleasure of reading with young people on the LAC project during my time here, I really believe that there are lots of people out there who may not have fantastic qualifications but who are energetic, talented and passionate individuals with lots to give and I can’t think of a better place for them to be than here at TRO. Also, I have never done anything like this physically before so I want to see if I can do it. I must admit – I’m worried! Looking forward to all the food though!

Niall Gibney, Community Development Assistant: I’m doing the Three Peaks Challenge firstly to raise cash for us to employ another looked after child, as after witnessing first-hand how much having a working life can influence you outside of work I realise how important it will be for us to take the kid away from the housing office and the job centre. The Reader Organisation can support them with real life and real issues – so it’s more than just a job! Obviously though I’m doing it for me as well – I’ve never experienced nature in this way before and it’s like a little break away (a really intensive hard one): we will all be in major pain – but we will all have a laugh, be freezing, be sweaty, be hungry, fall over, have to take a pee behind a big rock, be angry, be delirious - but most of all be a team! A bow legged, paracetamol swallowing, mountain cursing team.

Now you know why it's so important, Team TRO need your support. Not only will the thought of your donations keep them going in the very early hours and despite aching feet, but you will also be contributing to the incredibly vital cause of employing and offering a wonderful opportunity for a care-leaver to have a enriching, supportive job and a kick-start in life.

Donate to The Reader Organisation's Three Peaks challenge by visiting - anything you can give will be greatly appreciated. Help Team TRO reach their target!

And from all of us at TRO - good luck team!!!

2 thoughts on “Three Peaks Challenge: Why are Team TRO taking on the task?

Vic says:

Hey Mountain People! Have you nailed one of those giant inflatable Wispa creatures up there yet?! Hope you all feel fantastic! Vic x

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