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Three Peaks Training Diary: Training and Learning

Written by The Reader, 21st June 2012

The Three Peaks Challenge is looming, and Team TRO are frantically cramming in as much training as they can in the space of just over a week. In the long process, they've certainly learnt a lot - mainly about how you can ache in places you never thought possible - but it hasn't all been bad, getting the team out of the office and out amongst  some of the most picturesque nature the country affords (I feel a Wordsworth poem coming on...). In this latest fitness diary, one of our Three Peakers shows us training life through a lens...

Signing up for this challenge has been an education in the outdoors for me. Since we started our preparations, I’ve climbed my first mountain, swam in my first wild stream and simply spent more time outside, in fresh air.

I have especially enjoyed taking photographs of the team as we have walked together. Here are the latest pictures – they’re from our weekend ramble along the Pennine Way.

This will be our last proper walk together before the real thing at the end of this month. It’s getting close now but, as one of my group members said at the end of our reading session, ‘I feel like I could climb a mountain now’.

Let's hope that Team TRO will still be smiling at the end of their Three Peaks can help to put a grin on their faces right now, and boost support for a young care-leaver who will be our future Apprentice, by donating to the Three Peaks Challenge today. Just go to the Three Peaks Charity Giving page and give what you can - everything will be very much appreciated by The Reader Organisation.

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