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Update from TRO South West #2

Written by The Reader, 22nd December 2011

Today's update from the South West comes from Emily Lezzeri, Project Worker in Devon:

I currently run Library Memory Groups in Exeter Central and Tiverton. These groups are for people living with dementia and their carers. A range of different materials are read together, from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Coleridge to Trebetherick by Betjeman. Bonds have formed quickly; several members now see each other socially outside of the group at other times during the week. Lots of them report gains that go beyond the reading sessions:

"We talk to everyone about it! Friends, family and other carers." - Exeter carer.

"It’s really stirred up my memory." - Exeter participant

"I've never read poetry before because I've never understood it. I like the poetry but we also come because it's a positive group and we can chat and be social as a couple. You can't always do that." - Tiverton carer

The new groups running at Russell Clinic and Exeter Library are a pilot for a recovery model that TRO South West wishes to develop, in order to bridge the transition from treatment to independence.

Do you live in Devon or the South West and have an interest in helping to develop the Reading Revolution?
The next South West 3-day Read to Lead open training course is at Dartington, Monday 23rd January – Wednesday 25th January 2012, 9.30am -5.30am. For more information, ring Sarah Hopkins (SW) on 01364 653994 or Casi Dylan on 0151 207 7207/e-mail .

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