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What can older people do to combat loneliness?

Written by The Reader, 8th February 2018

Companion Stairlifts feature Shared Reading in their piece on combating loneliness for older people. 

You can read the full article here.

According to the No One Should Have No One campaign by Age UK there are over 1.2 million older people that are lonely in England. Many of them feel isolated from the world and this can seriously affect health.

Older people with mobility problems that need modern stairlifts for their home and who struggle to get out and about are particularly vulnerable to social isolation.

This loneliness can in turn lead to depression and a decline in physical health and wellbeing, but there are lots of ways older people can combat loneliness. This guide takes you through ways older people can combat loneliness and ways relatives and friends can help.

A Shared Reading group member, told The Reader:

“I've found a real sense of community and belonging in my group. It's helped me to come out of isolation when not very well. I've really enjoyed discovering new and different books and poems that I wouldn't necessarily read on my own. It's built my confidence and provides an important part of structuring my week.”

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