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The Reader magazine sprang to life in 1997 to champion a deeper connection between life and literature. In the first issue, the editors took their cue from Saul Bellow’s novel, Herzog:

‘The people who come to evening classes are only ostensibly after culture. Their great need, the hunger, is for good sense, clarity, truth – even an atom of it. People are dying – it is no metaphor – for lack of something real to carry home when day is done.’

In it, you can read the stories, poetry and drama explored in Shared Reading groups, as well as powerful, personal responses that great literature inspires. You’ll also learn how the Reading Revolution is helping people all over the world to survive and live well.

The Reader magazine is being redesigned and will relaunch as a biannual publication in February 2020. For more information, email or fill out the contact form below.

It will no longer be accepting unsolicited submissions of unpublished work.

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