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What’s The Reader doing here?

Written by The Reader, 6th October 2010

It's the Tory Party Conference in Birmingham but can anyone guess what The Reader Organisation is doing there today?

It's huge outside. Why are we here?

It's huge inside. Why are we here?

Go on, have a guess...

7 thoughts on “What’s The Reader doing here?

JoannaD says:

Running a reading group to help people worried about child benefit to manage their stress levels?

jane says:

Wish we’d thought of that!! Next year…

louise says:

Well on first reading this I thought to myself my glasses need a clean but still read the same after a quick wipe , and was beginning to get annoyed ” WHY ARE THEY HERE ” and got very red faced just to show my support for RED EDD but then after a few deep breaths calmed down and thought Yeah ! THE READER ORGANISATION are their to improve the economic recovery”!
Before joining a reading group I spent most of my time in a hospital bed as the stress of the outside world was just to much sending my blood sugar through the roof and into a hospital , I am no mathematician but i know it costs a pretty penny to have a week in a hospital bed , but since becoming involved with the reader have not been a hospital inpatient once although I still go to A and E occasionally as will always be accident prone!but their lies yet another story!
I know of countless other people who say their actual health has improved thanks to the reader and at a fraction of a cost to a hospital bed ! and here speaks someone with an f in maths so if I can work it out anyone can!
I still get very frazzled at times with the outside world but not as much as what I used to , the other week at the hospital attending an appointment got very upset and quite hysterical, were as the deputy head of nursing said after initially calming me down “Is that reading thing you go to on because they seem able to do things with you no one else can and off I toddled and within roughly 5 minutes of arriving I has a smile on my face !
Hospitals can do many great and wonderful but cannot provide friends or a valid reason to get out of bed like reading together can so hopefully the TORIES may see a little light and see what TRO can do and also save one hell of alot of money
Their is one thing I will never change my mind on and that is my politics will always be red and my foot ball will always be BLUE

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jane says:

Hi Lou
thanks for telling us this – it is exactly the argument I was making yesterday morning to Francis Maude among others…. Can I quote you in future?

Yes – it did feel odd to be in world of Tories – a bit like when I went to watch Nottingham Forest play at Everton ( if these people knew I was a red I could be dead etc) but it was also encouraging too – I had no idea what the Conference would be like and I was surprised at the number of people there to really try to think out ideas and how to do things better – not just government etc but loads of charities and other interested parties.

The Young Foundation’s Citizen’s University is a great, simple idea and I hope it takes off – they are the same outfit that dreamed up the Open University and helped launch U3A too… so am feeling hopeful.

Thanks for your encouragement and (always) plain speaking

louise says:

Thanks for what you have said but Nottingham Forest supporter ,Ha that really made me laugh would not like you to be upset but I really hope we thrashed you ! Been really generous this week I think, giving Liverpool fans an early christmas present what else could it be but a tangerine!
PS Feel free to quote me anytime !! no need to ask but must say nice to be asked , most people just tell me to shut up louxxxxx

Jen says:


After winning tickets to go and see the Sound of Music at the Empire, tell us… how was it?!

Oh, and did you get your goat?

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