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You Magazine Book of the Week

Written by The Reader, 16th November 2010

A Little, Aloud was given the title of 'Book of the Week' in the Mail on Sunday's You magazine at the weekend:

Being read to is comfort food for the mind. Leafing through this anthology of prose and poetry specially chosen by The Reader Organisation to be read aloud was like tomato soup and mashed potato and ice cream. Give it to everyone you care about, and keep one for yourself.
We suggest you follow that very wise advice - and buy one for those you care about this Christmas.

2 thoughts on “You Magazine Book of the Week

Do you think that you may produce a CD to accompany the book ‘A Little Aloud’ for service users who are visually impaired – I have only managed to read the first story in your book but I was blown away by that! Thank you for your time, Livvy

The idea was suggested at first, but it proved too complicated as not every one of the contributors and copyright holders granted us permission for an audio version. However you can hear some wonderful readings from the book by Richard Briers, Lindsay Duncan and Maureen Lipman at this address.

I am sure you will enjoy them, but do let us know what you think.


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