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2010’s Penny Readings

Written by The Reader, 6th December 2010

photos (c) Deana Kay

You don't get such warmth in the audience, and from the stage, anywhere else - it's the best night of the year.

I can only say sorry to anyone that wasn't able to make it along to the Penny Readings last night! In a packed-out St George's Hall, we were treated to the incredible voice of Patricia Hammond, Frank Cottrell Boyce's magical readings, The Reader Player's The Importance of Being Earnest act (there's more to come on that...), Angela Macmillan bringing A Little, Aloud to life, our own Grace Farrington on the trumpet, Phil Davis reading from A Christmas Carol, the musically talented Davies family, Jasmine Scarisbrick's beautiful piano playing, the Mersey Harmony Singers with their wonderful voices and fabulous purple clothes,  and of course, Charlie the Cow.

Charlie the Cow?

Yes, Charlie the Cow.

Patricia Hammond sings Moooon River with Charlie

Here's what some of our audience members said about the show:

Simply magical.

Patricia Hammond's singing was amazing, I never knew I liked opera until now!

I loved The Unforgotten Coat reading, it's so true especially the bit were the kid is speaking about Genghis Khan and horses it sounds like a conversation I would have had with my mate when I was young.

An amazing and inspiring evening!

Frank Cottrell Boyce

Being earnest was top class the readers can act aswell as read, I laughed and I listened - a sterling night.

The 'Earnest' Reader Players

If you were there, and would like to leave us a comment, please do!

In the afternoon, we also ran the first ever Ha'penny Readings, especially for kids. Frank was there, as was Patricia, and they were joined by improv comedy group Sticky Floor (who had us all in stitches whilst they performed, amongst other things, 'The Present Wrapping Olympics'), ballerina Lucia Farrington, our Niall Gibney and Daisy Dawes with Get Ahead Fred: (Get Ahead Fred - Main Trailer.)

Sticky Floor


It was a great success and we hope to build on it next year, making it bigger, better and with more cow. Thanks to everyone who made it, and this year's Penny Readings, such fantastic festive events.

4 thoughts on “2010’s Penny Readings

louise says:

I was a bit miffed to see I was missing X factor but Heigh ho! why stay in and watchthe T.V when the real thing is going on IN ST Georges Hall ( tickets will be sold in five minutes or less now got the rumors flowing)
I made the trip over early as I do not let a bit of Winter Weather get in the way and a bit of panic at the door ” Where is” my ticket”and getting my lungs ready to scream very loudly and believe you me I can scream, for a certain person beginning with J , take your pick! I was in! cool well actually it wa s lovely and warm!always wanted to be a weather person)

THeir was something their for everyone and must mention how well Grace did starting it aIl off, takes some bottle to start the ball rolling !
It is now time for confession( I am not catholic it just sounds important)
I lost all sense ( no jokes Please ) when told to hunt for the cow and that was all I was worried about that I nearly fell of f my seat ( NOTE nearly) with concentration.

The earnest play thing started but was miles away looking out for cows but began to take more note of what was being said and began to think this was really good and was amazed at the Writing skills of Amanda , it could be a best seller ( in future I must read the programme)
The story was amazing but decide d all this about babies in suitcases and lost mothers this was obviously a very early version of Eastenders especially the line” I,m your mother wow !! my mouth was just wide open and had forgotten all about cow hunting!
I found the truth out about the play not long after and i have made a new year resolution-to read more EARNESTLY next year!!
WELL done to all , also to Angie I wave the book around at people and say I know her !

Happy Christmas see you same time next year bit worried you might ban me No Yo wouldnt !!!!

lou xxx

Charlie Buttercup Milkington-Udderford says:

Hello there.

I just wanted to take a little time to say thank you very much to all my new friends at The Reader Organisation for giving me a part in your wonderful event, and making me feel so welcome on Sunday.

I am now back safe and sound at my home at the Everyman Theatre, but to tell you the truth, I feel a little underwhelmed being back here. After taking to the stage in St. George’s hall, the stage here just seems to cramp my style a little. BUT one mustn’t complain, I don’t want to get a reputation as a diva!

So yes, thank you very very much for a wonderful day! Duetting with Patricia Hammond on my favourite song, MOOOOOOOn River (sorry, got carried away there)is defnitely a career-highlight for me, and something I will remember long into my retirement, when I get sent away to a sunny field somewhere. And what a lovely woman Patricia is, she helped me to overcome my stage-fright, and by the end of the song I had really come out of my shell.

I sincerely hope that no-one minded me coming out at the end of the show for a second appearance – I think all the excitement had gotten to me, plus I was provided with some top-quality premium cud after my first performance, which went straight to my head!

But all-in-all, it was a fabulous evening and you all put-on stirling performances my dears. I hope to see you all again in the future – there could be no greater compliment to me than to be asked back to the Penny Readings next year, so please let me know if this could happen (we professional pantomime cows do get booked-up for the festive seasone well in advance you know!)

Love, moos, and warm milky thoughts.

Charlie the cow xxx

jane says:

Dear Charlie
You were wonderful! I will never forget the sight of you and Patricia duetting, her arm casually around your neck, as you sang ‘Two drifiters, off to see the world…’ It was so mooooving!

Of course we want you back next year -please book us in immoodiately.

I hope you’ll be able to bring your stable-mate, Chicken Chris – we love his long yellow legs and squawky tones – haven’t seen him since the 5k. Believe he is a great dancer?
Happy Christmoos !!

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