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A Great Big Huge THANK YOU

Written by stickyeyes, 16th September 2011

Thank you to everybody who sponsored our reader runners, we are 100% grateful for your generous donations and I think it's fair to say that most of the runners have healed up and got over any lingering knee problems by now.

In case you were still wondering about which of our three teams won, well that was Jen's team consisting of Jen, Sophie, Anna and Mike. With what was actually a lightning time of around 100 minutes between them! They came 3rd out of all of the 20 charity teams!

Second place was my team consisting of Me, Beth, Lynn and Michele who came in with a not too shabby time of 107 minutes and finished a respectable 6th in the overall charity team rankings.

And last but certainly not least was Lee's team, who, due to circumstances beyond their control (they only had three people in their team and thus were not eligible for proper placement) they finished 19th out of 20 teams - even with Dave's brilliant time of 24 minutes!

So again another great big massive thank you for helping us raise a grand total of £562.50 to go towards our work with looked after children.

Have a great weekend.

1 thoughts on “A Great Big Huge THANK YOU

Colin says:

Which all goes to prove that reading poetry is good for you, physically and mentally!

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