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A Host of Dashing Santas

Written by The Reader, 14th November 2011

For the first time ever The Reader Organisation will be undergoing the 5K Liverpool Santa Dash, raising money for the looked-after children we read with. And, it's the biggest Santa Dash in the world... ever! We will (I hope) be running, though I've had word that there will be some people walking whilst pushing prams (is that safe with 8,000 Santas running alongside?) - perhaps tell the children that Santa isn't real the day before, otherwise it could all get a bit messy (I apologise to any children reading this). He is real really, though he didn't bring me much last Christmas - I must have been naughty - well, I've been extra good this year and the first thing I'm asking for is for you to sponsor us and help support our work reading one-to-one with looked-after children.

So far half of the people who have their names down are wearing BLUE suits - not red ones - bitter blue? Or fashion accessory blue? Well, that depends what camp you're in. Me, I'm wearing it to represent the blue half of the city; a few others are wearing blue so they can stand out from the crowd... A few others are just feeling blue (I think).

Anyway, enough of all the blue talk... We are doing this run to help raise money to go towards an adventure holiday away in the Lake District next summer for the young people in care that we read with, and a mystery day out after Christmas. So if you can spare anything to go towards this cause, we and they will be more than grateful - please visit our fundraising page now - be the first.

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