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Alexei Sayle Book Launch and Signing

Written by The Reader, 3rd September 2010

Saturday 11th September 2010, 2.00pm

at News from Nowhere Bookshop

96 Bold St, Liverpool, L1 4HY -  0151 708 7270

Alexei Sayle has fittingly chosen to launch his brand new autobiography, Stalin Ate My Homework (Sceptre £20 HB) at News from Nowhere, one of the few radical bookshops in the country.

As a child of Liverpool Communists growing up in Anfield, Alexei was destined to be different. He was born on the day egg rationing came to an end. His family ate salad and read the Soviet Weekly. They holidayed behind the Iron Curtain and ate strange smelling sausages. His mother was very keen on boiled eggs and the Moscow State Circus. Teachers were scared of her. His father was a union leader who made friends wherever he went and thought he was fluent in Esperanto. Alexei became a member of the Czechoslovakian Young Pioneers. Sometimes he was bored and other times confused. He spent a lot of time inventing complex explanations for the bizarre behaviour of grown-ups. Slowly it dawned on him that telling stories was a good way of making sense of his perplexing world.

Luckily for us, for in this story of his own bizarre childhood he has given us his best writing yet. And it’s hilarious.

All will be welcomed in the true spirit of Communism, refreshments will be provided for weary travellers on the path to peace and justice, and Alexei will adorn the book with his signature if you buy one.

A £2 News from Nowhere voucher (redeemable against future purchases) will accompany every book bought on the day.

Further information: Mandy Vere, News from Nowhere Bookshop (0151 708 7270


Click here to read a review on our blog of Alexei's book by Frank Cottrell Boyce.

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