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Fifty Years of A Clockwork Orange

Written by The Reader, 21st June 2012

Fifty Years of A Clockwork Orange
Thursday 28th-Saturday 30th June 2012
The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, 3 Cambridge Street, Manchester, M1 5BY

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the publishing of Anthony Burgess's novella A Clockwork Orange, and to celebrate a special multi-disciplinary conference is to be held at the International Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester to examine the book's profound and enduring impact on literature as well as film, music, theatre and society.

A Clockwork Orange not only spawned a controversial but cult film, directed by Stanley Kubrick, but also a distinctive fashion trend and its very own experiment in language, with the book's main characters - or 'droogs' - using an Anglo-Russian slang called 'Nadsat'. The three day conference will explore the world of A Clockwork Orange and how it has affected the world on a wider scale since its publication to the present time.

The conference will include the European premiere of Burgess’s Clockwork Orange music and a film season at the Cornerhouse cinema. Amongst the keynote speakers appearing are  Richard Daniels from the Stanley Kubrick Archive, Kevin Jackson (director of Burgess at Seventy), Jonathon Green (author of the Chambers Slang Dictionary) and Peter Krämer, whose critical book about A Clockwork Orange was published in 2011, and who will deliver a keynote lecture on 'Burgess, Kubrick and the Problem of Male Youth'.

Full programme details can be found on the International Anthony Burgess Foundation website . Please note that listings are subject to change and timings are to be confirmed.

Full conference tickets are priced at £70 and can be booked on the International Anthony Burgess website. Concessions are £40 and day tickets are available, costing £25. Special discounts are available for students and the unwaged. For further information, please contact Paula Price on 0161 235 0776 or e-mail

1 thought on “Fifty Years of A Clockwork Orange

loubyjo says:

I am only half way through this but actually it is growing on me it is one of those books that is often talked about but i am unsure how many people have actually read it and jus jumping on band wagons (I dont do that kind of thing as very sensible)
I at first wondered why i was reading this as it was gruesome and could not understand the lingo but now roughly in the middle of it quite surprised myself that I am slowly picking it up and understanding it and no I am not cheating using learn yourself nadsat maual as I am not a cheat!
it is now becoming more interesting as alexs freewill is stolen from him and cannot write more than this as not come to the end yet , this maybe sometime , but so far the book really knows how to mess with your emotion jumping about like an Italian fan who has just beate n the English on penalties going from sick shock and strangly compassion so very mixed up

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