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Get ready for World Read Aloud Day 2013

Written by Lisa Spurgin, 26th February 2013

litworldwrad13badgeThere's just over a week to go until World Read Aloud Day 2013, a day to truly celebrate everything about reading and reading aloud. As advocates of reading aloud - a special act that really does make a difference in many ways - The Reader Organisation is proud to support World Read Aloud Day 2013 alongside its founders LitWorld. Once more, we're getting involved with World Read Aloud Day by being a WRADvocate Partner, and we're honoured to help spread the word about reading aloud not just for one day, but all year round.

The theme of this year's World Read Aloud Day, held on Wednesday 6th March, is 'Read It Forward', and readers around the world are being encouraged to do exactly that, reading stories and poems aloud with loved ones, family members, friends and colleagues for their own enjoyment, and also on behalf of the 793 million people worldwide who cannot read. All you need to take part in World Read Aloud Day is a favourite book or poem which you can read aloud with pride, and Read It Forward to those closest to you. There's bound to be tons of those amongst all of you - why not let us know what you'll be choosing to read this World Read Aloud Day?

Through Get Into Reading and other projects, we're reading aloud with hundreds of people each week, letting many find their voices through a range of texts and discovering the true pleasures of reading aloud. Reading aloud lets us share our love of reading, and makes stories grow within readers themselves, as our group members have found to their own amazement:

‘When you hear the voices, I like how you can tell what they’re really feeling.’

'The story being read out loud means that you don't miss anything, it makes everything alive in the room.'

“It boosts your confidence, reading out loud. You get more confidence. I think we have."

We'll certainly be reading aloud this World Read Aloud Day, and hope you will too!

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