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Jane’s Blog – The Social Animal

Written by Dave Cookson, 15th June 2011

Jane Davis has been writing a blog for the past couple of months. Her latest post is about The Social Animal by David Brooks. (Published by Short Books.)

Here are some snippets of what Jane makes of the book:

This book is compellingly interesting and even when skipping parts I never wanted to stop reading...

So David Brooks has tried to write about what we know about being human from a scientific/brain scanning/psychology/business book point of view. And he has had the brilliant formal idea of  setting that info  within two life stories, the stories of Erica and Harold.

It's a great idea, this clashing together of two forms and it worked well enough to  keep me reading to the very end and more than that,  to make me cry at the end, as if I were reading a novel.

That's your lot I'm afraid, I'm the go-to guy at The Reader for copyright information and I don't want to get sued by Jane! If you want to read more, which you must do of course, click here to go to Jane's wonderful blog.

1 thoughts on “Jane’s Blog – The Social Animal

Lexie says:

The concept presented in the book is really interesting to me… Do you think that we can really control how we interact with others?

Check out some further thoughts…

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