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Knit and Natter News #2

Written by The Reader, 31st March 2016

From Katie Gwilt, PQASSO Intern at The Reader and Knit and Natterer

The Knit and Natterers are gearing up for the Calderstones Craft Fair, which is coming up very soon! Make sure you put the date below in your diary...

Craft Fair leaflet

Here at Knit and Natter we have been busy making lots of woollen friends to place in and around The Storybarn in Calderstones Park. We gathered up our new furry friends to take over recently to be united with the ones previously homed there. A mixture of animals, monsters, birds, insects, of many different colours and sizes, were all placed lovingly in their new home. We hope that all the visitors to The Storybarn discover at least one new friend to keep them company while they explore the wonders within. You might even spot some in the Ice Cream Parlour if you are lucky enough to experience the delicious ice cream or my personal favourite, the warm waffles with ice cream and sauce (yum).

The wonderful Knit and Natter created creatures, now living at The Storybarn!

The wonderful Knit and Natter created creatures, now living at The Storybarn!

The lovely June came along and brought her finally finished brightly-knitted tea cosy which you can see her modelling below as a hat! It’s been a bit of an in joke with the Knit and Natterers. June was one of our very early members and started knitting the tea cosy at her first session. It was due to be a wedding present for a family member, but two years later it is going to have to be an anniversary present instead. She has been busy making lots of other goodies in the meantime and I am sure that her family will love their new tea cosy and appreciate the time it has taken to make.

Knit & Natter 080316 08 resize

Jenni is another of our knitters. She has an amazing gift of being able to look at toys and say “I could make that” - off she goes, without a pattern, and makes her own version using her own rules. Recently she made this little creature based on one of the beasties from the popular game Minecraft. I’ve not played it, but mention it to anyone under the age of 18 and they will know it well. It’s a little like a computer game version of Lego where you build worlds using blocks and it’s been really popular. I am sure the eventual recipient will adore this little green knit.

Knit & Natter 080316 10 resize

Finally we celebrated the birthday of our Knitting Ninja! Anthony has been coming to Knit and Natter and has a taste for the finer wools in life. He teases us bringing in items he has bought and claiming them as his own creation, much like this balaclava. He does knit as well though and always keeps us in stock with tasty biscuits and gifts. He has started bringing lovely handcreams in recent weeks to keep our knitting and crochet worn hands nice and smooth which is a lovely treat much enjoyed by the group. Happy birthday to our Anthony!

Knit & Natter 080316 09 resize

We are a fast growing group and new members are always welcome.  If you are interested in getting involved with us and making Tuesday the highlight of your week, please contact and come along and join the fun! No previous knitting or crochet experience is required, just bring some needles and wool and we can help you get started and soon I promise you will be hooked. Knit and Natter meets on Tuesdays at the Mansion House from 10:30am-12:30pm.

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