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Read Something You Love this Valentine’s Day

Written by Lisa Spurgin, 14th February 2013

A while back we mentioned Read Me Something You Love, an online podcasting reading project set up by Steve Wasserman which invites people who love the written word to read aloud a short story, excerpt from a novel or poem that excites them, with discussion following the reading. Much like an online, one-to-one Get Into Reading group...!

The latest guest on Read Me Something You Love is none other than The Reader Organisation's founder and director Jane Davis. Choosing a piece she loves is no mean feat for Jane, but in the end she plumped for The Flower by George Herbert. You can hear Jane reading the poem, as well as her discussion with Steve about topics such as 'Uncomfortable Praise', 'Email To A Future Self' and 'Lines That Move Within' on the Read Me Something You Love website.

O that I once past changing were;
Fast in thy Paradise, where no flower can wither!
Many a spring I shoot up fair,
Offring at heav’n, growing and groaning thither:
Nor doth my flower
Want a spring-showre,
My sinnes and I joining together;

But while I grow to a straight line;
Still upwards bent, as if heav’n were mine own,
Thy anger comes, and I decline:
What frost to that? what pole is not the zone,
Where all things burn,
When thou dost turn,
And the least frown of thine is shown?

And now in age I bud again,
After so many deaths I live and write;
I once more smell the dew and rain,
And relish versing: O my only light,
It cannot be
That I am he
On whom thy tempests fell all night.

As it's Valentine's Day - the day of celebrating all types of love, including a love of reading - why not take the time to read something you love to someone you love today? We hope that something springs to mind straightaway, but if not, you'll be spoilt for choice for lovely things by delving into our Featured Poem archive.

If you already know what your heart will desire, then we'd love to hear about it - tweet your Valentine's reading selections to us or give them a mention on Facebook.

1 thoughts on “Read Something You Love this Valentine’s Day

Steve says:

Thanks for mentioning the podcast Lisa. If anyone would like to read me something *they* love for the podcast, please do get in touch: stevewasserman AT

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