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Reading on Wheels

Written by Chris Routledge, 6th September 2007

I'm not an especially acquisitive person. I hate shopping and flashy gear doesn't impress me much with its flashiness. But I am deeply covetous of a "reading wagon" like the one featured on the Shedworking blog (via The Times):

Apparently reading wagons were used by circus artistes and eventually became what we now call caravans. Having one of these things as a place to sit and read would be really wonderful. I'm off to fetch my hammer and nails:

Like a revolving shed, one of the beauties of being on wheels is that it can be moved during the year or even during the day, however the whim takes you. During the autumn it has to be near the house in order to be plugged in to the mains electrics. Loudon has used the wagon as a guest room but has now started making them to order, including as a garden office.

Here's the link again to the Shedworking piece and to the article in The Times.

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