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Sailing Away

Written by The Reader, 23rd October 2012

It's the second day of half term and we've decided Tuesday should have a nautical theme - it's Sailing Away.

Maybe you'll be doing some travelling this week, visiting friends or family or going on a little holiday? Reading is a great way to make long journeys more interesting and enjoyable, especially reading aloud with others who are travelling with you.

The Sailing Awaychapter in A Little, Aloud for Children, features an extract from Roger McGough's The Stowaways. Two children set off in the dead of night to run away to sea, a journey which could take days, or even months, but their idea doesn't quite go to plan, and they find themselves home again in time for breakfast.

On the other hand,  'The Jumblies' in Edward Lear's poem of the same name certainly do make it out to sea and stay away for twenty years. Here are Charlotte and Ian reading the poem aloud:


What an adventure! Which book would you pack with you on a voyage across the sea? Let us know on Twitter (@thereaderorg) or in the comments section below. Happy travelling!

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