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Writing Course with Penelope Shuttle: ‘Word and Self’

Written by jen, 11th February 2010

Adrienne Rich posed the question - ' Where does poetry come from?' and offered this answer:

… how we glimpse a blur of smoke in the air, look at a pair of shoes in a shop window, or a group of men on a street corner, how we hear rain on the roof or music on the radio upstairs, how we meet or avoid the eyes of a neighbour or a stranger. That pressure bends our angle of vision whether we recognize it or not…When poetry lays its hand on our shoulder we are, to an almost physical degree, touched and moved…

Penelope Shuttle, whom we have published in The Reader 18 (which you can buy here for only £3), has been in touch to tell us about a poetry residential course she is leading in France at Chateau Ventenac fro 24th April to 1st May. More details on the course, 'Word and Self', can be found here.

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