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A (Reading) Dog’s Tale

Written by The Reader, 27th January 2012

We're quite partial to the odd shaggy dog story now and again - and this is the tale of an adorable shaggy dog who is playing a big part in creating a Reading Revolution amongst school children in Teeside.

Each week, Audrey the dog visits Redcar Community College to sit in on children's read-aloud sessions. Teachers noticed that children often get nervous when they are asked to read aloud and so enlisted Audrey to help them relax and feel less self-conscious while reading. Needless to say, the sessions - and Audrey - have been a big success.

While of course Audrey should stay where she is, we'd quite like a 'reading' dog of our own to be a Reading Revolution mascot...

3 thoughts on “A (Reading) Dog’s Tale

jennerous says:

I demand a photo!!…..please……Audrey the Reading Dog, I bet she’s gorgeuos!

jennerous says:

of course, I have now clicked on the link and seen not a photo but even better a film clip…thanks!

Maria Tierney says:

Dudley Dog immediately springs to mind.

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