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The Reader Podcast: Listen Now

Written by Rachael Norris, 2nd March 2021

Our brand new podcast has been released into the wild and is ready for you to enjoy.  

Brought to you by our staff and volunteers, each episode is filled with literary delights – from exploring ponderous lines in stories and poems, to interviews with special guests. 

In our first episode, familiar voices from across The Reader share some of the snippets that are stuck in their heads, Founder/Director Jane Davis interviews the deputy literary editor of The Times, James Marriott, about his reading life, and there’s an excerpt from one of the brilliant Shared Reading programmes produced by the PIPEs team and National Prison Radio.  

We want to make The Reader podcast a regular audible magazine, full of exciting and inspiring content, and offering listeners a taste of what the Reading Revolution’s all about. Look out for episode two in March, followed by more new releases as we go into spring and summer.   

Episode One is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Podbean now. Episode Two out the week of Monday 15 March.


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