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We read to lead

Great literature is in our DNA, developing imagination, deepening understanding and expanding experience. Reading is also about the kind of attention and understanding we give to our actions, other people and the wider world.

We are kind but bold

Through kindness we inspire ourselves, and others, to do more than we might have thought possible, always aiming for encouragement and trust. But we are bold, too, in saying what we mean as clearly as we can.

We make our own pattern in the world

We don’t simply do as others do, we try to work out what is good and right, and do that.  We value innovation, foresight and bold ideas in every part of our organisation.

We learn from experience and from our mistakes

We’re not afraid of owning our mistakes: understanding them helps us grow. We try to be creative in difficult situations, lively-minded and willing to learn.

We love The Reader and take responsibility for it

Everyone at The Reader is The Reader.  We each take responsibility for making The Reader as good as it can be: we pick up the rubbish, speak up when we’ve made a mistake, notice and try to fix the glitches.

We love The Reader and take responsibility for it - an image of a hand in a book.