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In the News, July 2018

Written by Emma Walsh, 5th July 2018

Catch up on the latest Reader news from across the UK:

Dementia: discovering an island of unimpairment

By Jo Glanville, Boundless

"How was it possible that my mother’s response to literature had survived, when dementia had ravaged the cognitive abilities necessary to lead her life?

I have since discovered that it is not an isolated incident. The Reader, a charity based in Liverpool, has been running reading groups for people living with dementia for twelve years. Kate McDonnell, head of reading excellence at the charity, told me that when she ran the first dementia reading group she had not expected it to be successful."

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This piece was also published in The Mail on Sunday.

Robert Burns' poetic verses are now helping change the lives of dementia patients

By Julie-Anne Barnes, Daily Record

"The evocative words of Robert Burns have survived and thrived for centuries.

Now the Bard’s work is being used for a new purpose after it was found they can help inspire dementiasufferers.

The Reader charity have been running support groups for people living with the condition for years."

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