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Mersey Minis Launch: Number 5, Leaving

Written by Chris Routledge, 30th October 2007

Fans of the popular diminutive book series Mersey Minis--mentioned here before--will be pleased to hear about the launch of book number 5, Leaving as well as the complete five-volume box set on November 6, 2007 at the Merseyside Maritime Museum. This is a terrific series that brings together professional and amateur voices to celebrate Liverpool's centenary year. The launch will feature readings from Leaving by actor Brian Dodd.

About Leaving:

It is perhaps as a port of exit that Liverpool made its biggest impact on the world, but not all departures in Leavingare physical: the fifth Mersey Mini is packed with a diverse take on leaving, including lost youth, demolition, the docks and death itself. Featured writers include Herman Melville, George Melly, Noam Chomsky, Anthony Burgess and Steven Gerrard.

Edited by Deborah Mulhearn, Leaving is the fifth Mersey Mini, a series of writing about Liverpool by residents and visitors over the past eight centuries. Volumes one to four; Landing, Living, Longing and Loving have been released throughout 2007, including a giveaway of 3,500 free copies of volume three, Longing, to celebrate Liverpool’s 800th birthday on August 28th.

The set of five will be available for the first time, bound with a stylish clear PVC band, allowing the colours of each spine to show through. November 6 also includes the private view of artist Clare Curtis’ lino cuts from the series, with an exhibition following at the Editions gallery on Cook Street from November 8 to 24 2007.

Copies of the Mersey Minis are available from bookshops across Liverpool and Merseyside, and online at loveliverpool-books. Individual copies are £3.95, or the set of five is available for £14.99.

Posted by Chris Routledge

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