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Get Into Reading Group Diary #1: The Rescue Man by Anthony Quinn

Written by Chris Routledge, 2nd October 2009

Extracts from Louise Jones’ Reading Diary of The Rescue Man

Louise Jones, a Get Into Reading group member, has been diligently keeping diary entries of her reading experiences of The Rescue Man in our Wednesday morning group over the last few weeks and we are extremely grateful to Louise for letting us share her thoughts with the wider reading community. Thank you Louise and please keep them coming!

Extract 1

I love starting a new book, not knowing what adventures I will go on without leaving the room!

As we live on the Wirral and Liverpool is just a swim away, straight away a common bond began to grow with the book when places such as Church Street and Sefton Park were mentioned. I don’t know though whether the pages would stir the same feelings if reading this in deepest Colchester (nothing against Colchester people!) Actually the way Quinn describes Liverpool and the surrounding areas you could be a Glaswegian and still appreciate the descriptiveness of the city.

The character of Baines himself sometimes worries about his love for old things such as buildings, especially when he seems to love things even more once their doom is certain. This is still happening in 2009 – we often don’t think of a building or historical sites being of importance until all of a sudden a block of flats stand were an impressive building once stood. This can also happen with people when a person passes away. All you hear of is what a fantastic person they were – I often wonder why we wait for a person’s passing to realise what they meant to us.

I will always have a smirk on my face now though whenever I pass the monument of Queen Victorian after finding out from the book that it was actually built over a public toilet – this may not be true of course but it makes me wonder what does actually lie beneath her whenever I go by!

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