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Wirral Public Inquiry

Written by jen, 12th June 2009

At the Wirral Public Inquiry into library closures (9th - 10th June 2009) there arose some confusion about the relationship between The Reader Organisation and Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council.

We would like to clarify matters and inform you of our current position. If, after reading this, you still have questions about us, please contact: Jen Tomkins, Communications Manager on 0151 794 3849 or

• The Reader Organisation (TRO) is a charitable organisation that has had a successful working partnership with Wirral MBC since 2003.
• TRO wish to continue to build upon that relationship and have been in discussion with Wirral MBC and Wirral NHS about ways in which we can further develop ‘Get Into Reading', our nationally recognised read aloud outreach programme.
• TRO aspires to run a social outreach centre that will pilot a range of reading and book-based activities with a view to establishing health and wellbeing outcomes. TRO has secured some funding from Wirral NHS for this project on Wirral.
• This centre could be run from any building, it needn't be a library.
• If Beechwood and Woodchurch libraries were to be closed, TRO wanted to use them as outreach centres. These two multiply-deprived estates are the communities of Wirral that can least afford to lose the community asset that is, or should be, a library.
• TRO's outreach centre does not intend to be a replacement for the library service - rather an adjunct to it.
• TRO would be more than delighted if all libraries marked for closure were to remain open. TRO would then seek to work with the service to develop our project as a part of the wider offer of the library service.
• Whatever happens as a result of the Public Inquiry TRO remains committed to extending partnerships and joint working relationships for the benefit of Wirral residents.

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