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The Reader celebrates World Book Night 2018

Written by The Reader, 23rd April 2018

The Reader celebrates World Book Night with a Shared Reading group giveaway of Jo Bell's Kith.

It's World Book Night and here at The Reader we’ve been celebrating with a book giveaway in our Shared Reading groups. The annual event run by our friends at The Reading Agency aims to get books into the hands of a diverse range of people, particularly those who are or have been disconnected from reading in the past.

The Reader shares that aim and though our Shared Reading groups, which are free to attend and welcome to all, we bring literature to life by reading stories and poems aloud. Today, as part of World Book Night, Reader Leaders in Merseyside have been reading poems from Jo Bell's collection Kith in Shared Reading groups at libraries, care homes, day centres, hospices and health centres. We've also been giving away copies of the book as part of World Book Night, so group members can enjoy the collection at home and share with friends and family.

Group members at Monday morning's Shared Reading group at Reader HQ in Calderstones Park enjoyed reading Jo Bell's poem Excavation together. They said:

"I love the thought of shaping contour lines into a narrative - it's kind of what we do isn't it? The way we talk about the stories we read, they become the narratives of our lives too."

"It's a beautiful poem, that last line really makes me smile."

"What a lovely book - thank you so much! I've got something to read on the bus home now!"

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