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A Very English Fitness Diary…

Written by stickyeyes, 25th August 2011

This is a very English fitness diary. English because well, we are in England. Even though we were right on the edge of England in what the French might call a 'cultural hotspot', that's Liverpool to you and me. So, we went jogging, me and Jen, down by that famous Liverpool waterfront. The jog took place, after what I can only describe in my Liverpool accent as: "proper weird stretches them, Jen".

Anyway, whilst on the jog, Jen remembers the 'Poetry in Motion' promise. Yes, easier said than done, isn't it? While flicking through that old reliable mountain of poetry: Staying Alive real poems for unreal times. She comes across a poem called 'Everybody Hates The English' by Kit Wright *parental advisory, poem too explicit for blog* and proceeds to read it, out loud of course, here's an excerpt: 'Everyone hates the English, including the English. They sneer at each other for being so English...'

I don't know where the poet got that nonsense from. I love all my brothers in Manchester, honest! And talking about sneering, well, Jen did get a few sneers while reading the poetry mid-run. I assured her they were happy sneers and that we Liverpool people developed 'the sneer' as a defence mechanism to keep tourists from asking us questions about The Beatles! "I don't know Ringo's mother and I don't sit at home all day learning The Beatles lyrics, in fact, I've never even been to Strawberry field"

So we've spoken about England, we've spoken about hate. Well now, we've even spoken about love: you have the chance to spread some love by sponsoring our Reader Runners now.

(p.s. you can still spread the love without sponsoring us, just turn to the person next to nyou and ask them to sponsor us, on your behalf.)

8 thoughts on “A Very English Fitness Diary…

louise says:

fealing very guilty reading this NIall as told you ages ago I would join you in this little venture but after leaving Brians course I just forgot all about you!!(at least i am honest ) if I was a shakespere character I would be Hamlet as just waffle on instead of just getting on with it!!!
OH well always next year !!!! Just reading about this makes me feel tired to find my cheque book or not find my cheque book that is the questiob

marktill says:

“we Liverpool people developed ‘the sneer’ as a defence mechanism to keep tourists from asking us questions about The Beatles”


Colin says:

Jen, are you training on the main runway at Liverpool Airport?

Jen says:

No, it’s down at the docks but the runway isn’t a bad idea… Plenty of things to run away from quickly!

jennerous says:

do you think you could find a bigger and heavier volume of poetry to run with Jen, I am not sure that Staying Alive is quite big enough?

Jen says:

Haha! I know, it’s far too heavy: it’s meant to be a running race, not a strength competition!

fiona says:

Love this post!

Anna says:

Brilliant, very upset I missed out on the “proper weird stretches”!

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