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Adele Geras: A Little, Aloud for Children

Written by The Reader, 26th September 2012

At The Reader Organisation we are firm believers in the magic of reading aloud, and it's nice to know that other people agree with us. In this lovely review of A Little Aloud for Children, acclaimed author Adele Geras urges readers - young and old - to harness their inner child and discover the delights that await within the pages.

In particular, Adele comments on the great selection of poetry in the anthology, as well as the combination of contemporary and older pieces.  book. She notes that reading aloud can be relaxing and stimulating, providing both comfort and excitement all in one go, for adults and children alike.

As Adele says, "We all like to hear a story", and A Little, Aloud for Children has plenty of them! You can buy your copy here and in all good book shops. Don't forget to tell us which is your favourite and who you're reading it with - we love to hear from you.




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