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Film of Frank Cottrell Boyce’s Accelerate

Written by jen, 15th October 2009

From Frank Cottrell Boyce's short story 'Accelerate', which was published in The Reader 31, film-makers Carl Hunter & Clare Heney have created a short film.

From Carl Hunter's 'When is a film not a film?':

['The premise of Accelerate'] is that the woman finds away of making time pass more quickly, by selling some seconds out of every minute so that her days become “the edited highlights of themselves”. It was the perfect marriage of subject and medium – after all, what is a still photograph but a moment pulled out of the stream of time. If you had all the money and time in the World, this would still be the best way to tell that story. Young people seem to photograph everything nowadays. If you go to a concert, the audience is watching it but also filming it on their mobiles. We’d found a story and a storytelling style that tapped right into that jumpy, digital way of seeing things.

Watch the film here.

To read the story, you can download The Reader 31 from our 'Downloads' page by clicking here.

We've published another of Frank's short stories in the current issue of The Reader, which you can buy here.

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