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Recommended Reads: Dragonborn

Written by The Reader, 31st May 2011

Posted on behalf of Sam Shipman, our Young Person's Project Manager

I read with a lovely young boy called Kevin every week and have done for about a year now. Kevin is a fantastic reader and has become a very enthusiastic young member of Get Into Reading. Kevin says his favourite authors are Frank Cottrell Boyce and Michael Morpurgo. Walker Books very kindly sent The Reader Organisation a copy of Dragonborn by Toby Forward and asked if one of our young members would read it and review it, Kevin was very pleased to be asked and here is what he said.

My thoughts about ‘Dragonborn' was that it had a great start, the best bit for me was when Sam went to collect some trout which was Sam’s favourite dinner. But when Sam came back he found that the wonderful wizard was dead!!! Sam felt heart broken because Flaxfield was like a dad to him and took him in when he was four years old.

Suddenly the sky turned grey so Sam decided to bury Flaxfield. Meanwhile six people came to place their magic onto Sam so he can finish his apprenticeship to become a wizard. Sam had to do a hard thing, he had to fight the wolves and the taccaabaaccks, and Sam unfortunately got bitten by a wolf on the hand, which in my opinion must have been excruciating pain.

Towards the end of the book Sam talked about becoming a wizard, and his guide, Axestone said “Sam, one day you’ll become a good wizard.” I would like to become a wizard because you can do magic and keep the bad people away.

In the book Sam became a fantastic wizard and helped all the good people as much as he could. I think ‘Dragonborn’ is a very good book because it had a great start and end.

1 thoughts on “Recommended Reads: Dragonborn

Colin says:

What a great piece Jen. And well done to Kevin too.

My daughter was a great fan of Anthony Horowitz and Walker put them in touch with each other. They eventually met at a reading in Edinburgh. Its great to see both writers and their publishers going the extra mile to encourage young readers.

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